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Evil Dead Makes Lollipop Chainsaw Better

Evil Dead Makes Lollipop Chainsaw Better

So this is Juliet, star of Lollipop Chainsaw, the forthcoming zombie carve-’em-up cooked up by Suda 51’s hyperactive mind.

Juliet is blonde, she’s got pig-tails, she’s a cheerleader, she’s sucking on a lollipop, she’s got notable assets (ahem), she slices up zombies with a chainsaw. Suda 51 has played male fantasy bingo and this is the end result. Possibly-related point: there’s been a notable lack of buzz around Lollipop Chainsaw thus far.

It could be that not much is known about the game besides the announcement trailers and IGN cheerleader contests, so no-one actually knows what they should be getting excited about. It could be that Suda 51 has lost some hardcore gamer cred after Shadows of the Damned didn’t light everyone up as expected but that’s not likely to be the reason, because he’s arguably why people are still interested in it. It could be as simple as the gameplay not looking particularly great so far (bear in mind this is footage from five months ago):

Yet it could also be that weird gamer law where pandering to the male gamer stereotype is kind of okay or tolerable or whatever but pandering when it becomes really transparently obvious it’s pandering actually swings the other way and becomes a massive turn-off for all involved. And it was something I didn’t even really think of until the pre-order bonus costumes were revealed and Juliet became a thousand times more appealing:

Evil Dead Juliet! Amazing. Rockabilly Juliet also looks awesome. Foxy Funk, Goth Girl and Jimmy Urine are the other bonus costumes though these pre-order costumes haven’t been announced in the UK yet.

Moral of this story? I don’t even know if there is one. But female Ash armed with a boomstick is far, far more appealing a character than Juliet with a chainsaw and this could be the first time I’ve given a damn about Lollipop Chainsaw.

Does Evil Dead make everything better? Someone with modding skills and a copy of Rogue Warrior on PC could test that theory out. Go on. Do it.

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