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Everyone has a hidden gem

Everyone has a hidden gem

Our memories aren’t perfect. This is part of being human and of not being a robot. Obviously there’s other stuff too like the ability to love, not flinch when a man in a white overcoat pokes a screwdriver in your gentle parts and audition for the lead in Short Circuit but the point is, we can’t always remember what we want to.

This leads to annoying situations where you’re asked questions like “do you remember the film? You know. That film. With the man who did that thing. What’s it called?”

The point of this preamble? It happens with videogames too. So yesterday I was asked about a PSOne game and before the conversation even reached the scratching-around-memory-banks-trying-to-remember levels of desperation, I answered.

“Incredible Crisis?”

“No… that wasn’t it. It had the man who did that thing and…”

Sigh. Incredible Crisis just seems to be one of those games that everyone seems to know about but no-one seems to have played. Incredible Crisis, Bishi Bashi Special, Mr Mosquito, Kuri Kuri Mix, the list goes on but the number of players doesn’t.

Incredible Crisis was pretty good. It followed a Japanese family going through a crisis (of course) that saw them being chased by boulders, flying down the motorway on a stretcher, being caught up in a bank robbery and massaging a woman on the rollercoaster. Which isn’t really a crisis but hey, it was 10 years ago, they can be let off now. Just.

It’s a game that if it was to be reviewed it today, words like ‘Japanese’ and ‘quirky’ would be used. There would be a clumsy Haribo analogy to help illustrate how hyperactive and colourful it is, along with the writer’s poor diet. All apt because hey, it was Japanese, it was quirky, it was hyperactive, it was colourful and Haribo are bloody nice. Some of the mini-games were terrible but it had the charm and personality that you didn’t care too much, until the final mini-game which was ridiculously hard in a game that had no right to be.

Still, no-one played it. Incredible Crisis is a memory that few gamers share, a hidden gem of the dusty old PSOne catalogue. Everyone has a hidden gem, a lesser title that didn’t get the exposure it deserved – Devil Dice, Future Cop: LAPD, Silent Bomber… what’s yours?

  • Glenn1873

    I dont even know if its considered a ‘hidden’ gem but none of my mates have heard of it and thts vandal hearts. One of my favourite ever games, upgradin ur posse was the highlight of my day and I musta played thru it 10+ times

  • KeeperOfTheWord

    I didn’t think it was a secret, but when none of my friends had ever heard of Medievil, I died a little inside.

  • Garan

    Mine was Micro Maniacs.When ever I would mention it people would say “Oh yes I love Micro Machines”,then I would say not Machines,Maniacs dammit.