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Europe PSN Store: more PSone games, please


While hopelessly trawling through Konami press releases in a magazine-related matter, I came across this bit in a piece on the PSN release of Bishi Bashi Special: “Bishi Bashi Special will be the first of several classic Konami PSone titles heading to the PlayStation Store in the coming months. More details will follow.” Now, while I don’t mean to attack Konami specifically on this, the company hasn’t released any other titles on the Europe PSN Store aside from International Track & Field – a classic in some respects, yes, but not quite as relevant as games like Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill, the former of which is currently available on the Japanese PSN.

Konami has still made a greater effort than other publishers, however – along with EA, Capcom and of course, Sony, Konami is making at least a vague effort to introduce its classics to a new audience. The problem is, we know that it is holding back the titles that people really want to see.

I’m not demanding that all the Final Fantasy games find their way onto the Store by Thursday. It’s a gradual process, certainly, but one that I hope publishers have faith in going forward. It’d definitely be a novelty to play MGS on a PSP.

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  • superpalace_021

    What we wanna c is big retro classics such as resident evil which made the ps1 gr8, not games like Bishi bashi, hercules & games people dont remember…..at all !! coz there shocking !!! lol