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Epic: ‘We could see Bulletstorm NGP’

Epic: ‘We could see Bulletstorm NGP’

Cliff Bleszinski, Design Director at Epic Games, has shared his thoughts on Sony’s NGP exclusively with Play and revealed that Epic is open to the idea of Bulletstorm NGP ‘if the stars were aligned’.

“I’m excited about it personally,” he said. “We haven’t announced any actual products outside Unreal Engine being available on it. I liked seeing it because as much as I love iPad and iPod gaming – I’ll be the first person there when the next Angry Birds updates hit – I’m glad to see a portable device that has actual buttons and dual analogue on it. That combined with processing power leaves for a pretty sweet device.

“Dual-analogue touch-screen controls do not work. It’s fun for 15 seconds and then it’s just friction burn. In the event we had the opportunity and time on Epic’s side and we found a potentially good partner and the stars were aligned, you never know, you could see Bulletstorm NGP somewhere down the line, but God knows right now man. That’s a complete hypothetical.”

For the industry wide reaction to NGP, including Anarchy Reigns producer Atsushi Inaba telling us why he believes Nintendo 3DS is ‘much clearer’ than Sony’s portable console, check out issue 203 of Play which is on sale now!

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