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Eat Lead is actually funny


I recently got a sneaky peaky at D3 Publisher’s comedy shoot-’em-up and was pleasantly surprised that it did actually made me laugh. At first the gags all seemed pretty weak, but towards the end of the demo we were introduced to a character called Alto Stratus. Alto turned out to be an extremely well executed piss-take of a Final Fantasy hero. He’s from a made-up game series called Penultimate Illusion and, as Matt Hazzard soon discovers, can’t actually talk. Instead he communicates via little text boxes with a static picture of his face on them. When the conversation starts a big X button appears at the bottom of the screen. The cool thing is that you don’t have to hit X to prompt Altos to talk – Matt does it automatically, sighing with annoyance every single time.
Alto then attacks Matt and a new box appears. On this one there’s a short menu of options written in Japanese and a big, white glove cursor moving up and down selecting them. The battle plays out in real-time, but Alto apparently can’t fight without using this menu. The gameplay itself doesn’t look anything above average, but we can honestly say that the humour displayed an attention to detail that we really weren’t expecting. So long as there are more hits like this and fewer misses like the Soakem (SOCOM) Troopers, Eat Lead might just be a genuinely entertaining little jaunt.

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