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Eat Lead – smell the ‘irony’


We’ve just received a bunch of fake boxarts for a new game called Eat Lead, from D3 Publisher, which aims to send up the many hallmarks of videogames with its brand of self-referential humour. According to D3’s representative, Eat Lead is out in 2009 and features a ‘Chuck Norris’-esque protagonist.

chokinghazard_paint_03.jpgNice idea, then, but with no screenshots or even a concept to back it up, Eat Lead sounds like it could easily become a parody of itself. This is D3’s second PS3 title – after Dark Sector – and that blew chunks, so it’ll really have to kick ass to avoid being anything other than misconceived.

Then again, I can’t help feeling a little amused by this smattering of fake boxart, given the clear amount of effort that has gone into their creation. Not as good as the Mega Man 9 artwork, though…