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Easy Trophies For Free

Easy Trophies For Free

PlayStation Plus gamers will hopefully have noticed a pretty special bonus for subscribing to Sony’s service – all five episodes of the Back To The Future games for free. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Just the time it takes you to download and the cost of the PlayStation Plus subscription itself.

That would be good enough news because the Back To The Future games are pretty good fun. They’re a little clunky in places and sometimes just moving around can be harder than the puzzles themselves but no matter – the script is great, the voicework is brilliant and having Christopher Lloyd back as Doc is brilliant in itself.

But the best news is for those of you who want easy Trophies. All Back To The Future games come with a hint system, which gives you clues on how to solve the current puzzle, and keeps throwing hints at you until it’s shouting at you how to do it (“USE THE BLOODY OIL CAN ON THE BLOODY DOCTOR, JESUS”).

Using hints, each episode should take no more than an hour or two. Which means in around six or seven hours, you’ll have five gold Trophies and even more silver Trophies, which are awarded for storyline progression and thus are impossible to miss.

It might seem a bit cold to recommend a game based on easy Trophies alone when it has Christopher Lloyd voicing Doc, which is the main reason to recommend anything (Christopher Lloyd!), but consider it a great bonus for playing a fun game. That’s free. Everyone wins!

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