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Easy platinum trophies: do they exist?

Easy platinum trophies: do they exist?

My name is Ian Dransfield. I am a staff writer for Play magazine and I have a confession to make: I do not have a single platinum trophy.

Phew – feels better to get that off my chest, I have to say. But surely I’m supposed to have at least one platinum? Surely I’ve played at least one game enough to rack one up? Well, no. I haven’t. Even though my job involves playing a hell of a lot of games, I still haven’t been able to get the top honour, rewarded to those who put in their time (and then some).

So I want to remedy this. I want this to change. I want to get my first platinum trophy, so I can take my place among the cream of the crop, the crème de la crème, the people-wot-is-really-good-at-games. And I need your help.

What games would you, the PS3-players out there, recommend to pick up those plats? What games don’t rely on putting in a huge amount of time to multiplayer? Don’t ask you to finish the game eight times on super-hard for a bronze on the way? Avoid the urge to demand the player kills 82,000 brick walls with a knife for a single bronze trophy to contribute to the total?

I know this isn’t going to be easy – that’s why platinums are the ultimate reward for your time and effort. But all the same, I want to bag me one, and I want to be pointed down the path of least resistance. Help me get a platinum trophy, and I will… well, I’ll have a platinum trophy and I’ll probably be a bit happy for a bit.

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  • jim

    get a life. i play games to enjoy them. cant be arsed to go for trophies got better things to do man.

  • Bum

    I found Cars – Race – O – Rama Platinum trophy really, really easy, for me it took at least 2 hours

    Green Day Rockband: took me 2 days! 1 hard trophy like, it was some expert ones! But Still, Hey Nice Plats!

  • GermanTERROR

    Pretty easy Plats for me were GODFATHER 2, MADDEN 11, and ASSASSINS CREED 2. At least those are my 3 plats. I’m close in UNCHARTED 1&2 as well as NCAA 12. The GF one, just gotta make sure u get everything, and no difficulty level so thats what makes it pretty easy. Same thing with ASSASSINS CREED 2.
    Next I’ma work on INFAMOUS or BIOSHOCK 2. Hope this helps a bit in ur Plat trophy hunt.

  • JordanS0810

    LA Noire Is Easy To Get a Platinum in that was my first platinum

  • tehpwnany

    DUDE SERIOUSLY u want an easy plat ? and play a fun game that will take 3 hours including a piss break etc then try MEGAMIND! can buy that game for about 12 squid Good Luck


    Rugby world cup 2011 was fairly easy….. rugby fans should be able to get this long before the game gets tiresome… also ‘Saw’ is a one playthrough platinum…just repeat the last chapter to get both endings….

  • Jovocop

    Terminator: Salvation is very easy only 4 hours.
    L.A Noire was incredibly easy and enjoyable to play through. Will take about 30 hours though and the gold film reels take some searching for, as can one or two of the vehicles.
    Almost have GOW3 and infamous trophies and both are excellent games