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Easiest Platinum Trophy

Easiest Platinum Trophy

How desperate are you for Platinum Trophies?

The answer to that question determines whether you’d have the courage, the endurance and the ¬£8 needed to rescue this particular game from the bargain bins. Because the easiest game to get a Platinum Trophy on, by far, is the god awful Terminator Salvation.

All you need to do is make sure¬† you’re playing on Hard and then endure its 10 dreary levels for the three or four hours it takes. You’ll get a gold trophy per level, another for completing it on hard and then a platinum trophy for nabbing the lot – that’s 11 gold trophies and a platinum for roughly three hours of work.

The only question is whether you want to suffer the lack of dignity that comes with it. What games do you reckon offer the easiest platinum trophy while being fun to play? Sly Cooper And The Thievius Raccoonus in The Sly Trilogy gets my vote for an easy Platinum Trophy that’s fun to nab – some levels have to be revisited but it’s still quick and painless to grab that elusive platinum.

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  • Deehan1888

    Killzone 3 was really easy. Elite difficulty wasn’t very hard & i got the multiplayer trophies after only a handful of matches. Makes up for the impossible Killzone 2 plat lol!

    Also both Uncharted games are easy platinums & being the best games on PS3 I’d say they are the most fun to get! Love treasure hunting lol!

  • Garan

    GoW3’s was fairly easy.*

    *I’m not bragging.**

    **Ok I am.

  • Sean

    Heavy Rain was rather easy. The ‘See All Endings’ trophy was rather exaustive though.

  • Henbonda

    Assassins Creed 2 is an easy platinum and also a great game but if u have 3 online mates ready 2 play whenever then borderlands is a great platinum to get loadsa fun n laughs along the way

  • Hutton121

    Legends of Wrestlemania
    Ashes Cricket
    Tiger Woods 10
    Heavy Rain

    All very easy, i love being a trophy whore!

  • Fallenexxile

    Be Honda is right, AC2 was my first plat and borderlands was my second. Easy games that are fun