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EA financial report: The fun bits

EA financial report: The fun bits


EA has just published its third quarter fiscal year 2010 (that’s October to December 2009 to us normal people) results, and it’s a really long document, most of which is boring (i.e. we don’t understand it). But there are some juicy bits, so we’ve filtered them out for your delectation.

Overall, EA brought in less revenue compared to the same period of the previous year, partly due to outside factors and partly due to EA not publishing as many titles during that period. Still, Dragon Age: Origins, Left 4 Dead 2, NBA Live, FIFA 10 (which alone has sold an impressive 9.7 million copies), Madden NFL 10 and The Sims 3 all made loads of money.

EA has also come up with a creative new ways to describe itself as the #1 publisher in the world. It’s apparently both the #1 packaged goods publisher in North America and Europe and the #1 publisher on the PlayStation 3, PC and PSP. Not raking in as much cash as Activision Blizzard though. Not by a long way.

Revenue from digital content was higher than ever, so the hard sell we’ve been seeing in a lot of recent EA titles must be paying off, and the reduction of operating costs by a projected $100 million for the next year is also listed under ‘Highlights’. Not exactly a highlight for the hundreds of people who got laid off as part of that cost reduction, but that’s the cold, hard world of business and finance for you, we suppose.

Finally, we got an idea of when some of EA’s titles for the next financial year will be released. Medal Of Honor will be some time between July and September this year, Crysis 2 between October and December, then in the first three months of 2011 we’re getting Dead Space 2, a new Dragon Age title, a shooter from Epic (thought to be called Bulletstorm) and, perhaps most excitingly… ‘Action Title’. We’d like to think this means ‘Syndicate’, but we like to think that every time we’re speculating about EA stuff.

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