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E3’s Most Anticipated, Ian Edition: XCOM

E3’s Most Anticipated, Ian Edition: XCOM

I’ve been looking forward to it for a while, but it wasn’t actually coming to PS3 before – now I’m allowed to be more forthcoming with my anticipation of XCOM. What was once PC and 360-only is now coming to the delightful box of fun we call PlayStation 3. I’m contracturally obliged to call it that, working on a PS mag.

And yet, this joy and anticipation is tinged with something else… something more negative. The original trailer and looks offered at XCOM last year made it out to be something rather interesting – investigations, eeriness, terror as some massive bastard obelisk-ship-thing starts obliterating the area, weird, oil-blob aliens like nothing we’ve seen before (apart from all the other oil-blob things). It had its fair share of critics (i.e. “the whole internet”), but I was excited.

The new trailer, however, has dulled that somewhat. Shooty-bang-bang against aliens that just look like blue people. Oh, and cover-based elements. WOO. It’s tickled my cynic gland something rotten.

XCOM is still one of my most anticipated games and something I hope to hear more about from E3. But my love for the first two games in the series can only be put under so much strain, and from what I’ve seen right now, the joy of it coming to PS3 – meaning we can finally cover it in the mag – is tempered with the knowledge that the new trailer makes it look a bit piss.

Time will tell though. Time will tell.

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