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E3 Live: Square Enix press conference

Well we managed to stay awake long enough to crawl into the Square Enix press conference, which (as we predicted) was exclusively focused on FFXIII. But rather than demo the game, Square Enix’s Shinji Hashimoto and Yoshinori Kitase sat there looking a bit bored, while answering the majority of questions posed by journalists with the polite Japanese equivalent of a “no comment”.

Most of the queries inevitably revolved around SE’s earlier announcement, during Microsoft’s press conference, that FFXIII will be released on both the PS3 and 360. When asked “why break PS3 exclusivity” the garbled translation of Hashimoto’s answer was that SE “wants to provide FFXIII to as much fun as possible in the world [sic]”, which we’re guessing means “SE wants as many people to play FFXIII as possible” (which roughly translated means, “we want to make as much money as possible”).

Hashimoto didn’t want to say if other future FF games will be multiplatform, but he did say that Infinite Discovery – a 360 exclusive – probably will make it to the PS3 at some point. Hashimoto also declined to say if either version of FFXIII would have console-exclusive content. When asked if the FFXIII team has been influenced by western RPGs such as Mass Effect, Hashimoto said “no”…… Kitase-san offered some insight into the combat system, saying that it is far more “flashy” than previous FF games and the acronym ATB was banded about, so we’re guessing it will be very similar to FFXII. Someone asked what Kitase and Hashimoto’s favourite FF game was and both answered FFVII, because they both played a large role in its development.

And that was pretty much it. A bit of a damp squib to be honest, but Play will be catching up with Kitase and Hashimoto later in the week for a bit more of a personal chat – hopefully we’ll squeeze out some more meatier FFXIII details.

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