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E3 or not E3? That is the question

E3 or not E3? That is the question

With only a few days to go until E3 2009 begins, ‘will they or won’t they?’ fever is, as usual, getting out of control. In an effort to organise this chaos and, if we’re honest, to take advantage of it a bit too, I’ve compiled this top ten of ‘will it or won’t it?’ E3 questions. Feel free to speculate like mad dogs in the comments section…


Will Konami announce Metal Gear Solid 5? Or won’t it?
It’s now clear that Konami intends to announce at least one Metal Gear game at E3, with plenty of strong (if not 100% rock solid) evidence to suggest there’ll be one on PS3 and one on PSP and that the two versions will be playable in tandem.

My best guess: Two Metal Gear games seems very likely, but whether either will be Metal Gear Solid 5 I’m not so sure.

Will a slim PS3 be confirmed? Or won’t it?
The official line, of course, is that there is no such thing as a slim PS3, but no one’s provided a convincing explanation of why those ‘fake’ images look so convincing. Of course, even if they are real, that doesn’t necessarily mean there’ll be an E3 announcement.

My best guess: Those photos were too convincing to dismiss outright, but I’m still not really expecting any slim PS3 news at E3.


Will Mass Effect 2 be confirmed for the PS3? Or won’t it?
EA is adamant that Mass Effect 2 will be showing only on PC and 360 at E3 because it is only being released on PC and 360. I’m still refusing to believe that a PS3 version isn’t in the works, but it does seem likely that the focus will be kept on Microsoft-friendly platforms for the time being.

My best guess: I very much doubt it, but I’m still convinced it’ll happen at a later date. Perhaps not until after it’s released on the 360.

Will Project Trico be announced? Or won’t it?
There’s no way that leaked trailer is a fake, but the timing of the leak might be coincidental. It was necessarily part of Sony’s E3 plans. Not necessarily, no, but I still reckon we’re in for a Project Trico announcement at E3 because, aprt from anything else, it’s about bloody time.

My best guess: I reckon yes, and I also reckon Sony will have more to show than just that trailer that we’ve all already seen.


Will Crysis be announced for the PS3? Or won’t it?
Crytek’s CEO Cevat Yerli has dropped a number of hints about his studio producing its first console title. Crytek’s CryENGINE 3 was developed for use on consoles titles and Yerli has admitted that Crytek itself would be using it for that purpose. He also said that a Crytek console E3 announcement “might be very likely”.

My best guess: Never mind “might be”, I think it is very likely, although I shouldn’t think it’ll be a straight port of Crysis. Might even be TimeSplitters 4

Will Rage be showing at E3? Or won’t it?
A lot of people seem to think it will, but id Software won’t have a presence of its own at E3. It will be showing “new stuff” via various publishers but EA, who is publishing Rage, says Rage isn’t on its list this year. Looking unlikely, but you never know.

My best guess: Looking doubtful, which is a shame. But there might still be something fairly exciting from id. Maybe Doom 4, or a new Quake.


Will Syndicate be announced? Or won’t it?
EA is still acting like the somewhat loose-tongued comments made by an unnamed Starbreeze employee about Syndicate never happened, but has told us that it has a big announcement planned for E3. Could be Syndicate, but Syndicate is supposed to be some way off yet.

My best guess: As a fan of Syndicate (although not of Starbreeze) I’m hoping for this. But maybe the announcement is just a new Medal Of Honor. Or Crysis.

Will Beyond Good & Evil 2 be confirmed? Or won’t it?
Despite showing a trailer at Ubidays 2008, and despite having publicly posted recruitment ads referencing it by name, Ubisoft is still yet to ‘announce’ Beyond Good & Evil 2. Surely E3 2009 would be a good time? Ubisoft’s being vague about it, which could be a good sign.

My best guess: I’m going to call it ‘probable’. The timing would seem good, but Ubisoft does have quite a lot on its E3 plate already.


Will Onimusha 5 be announced? Or won’t it?
Capcom’s official Twitter page has dropped a series of hints regarding the announcement of a ‘mystery game’ at E3. It’s not Devil May Cry 5. It’s an established IP, but not a remake. It’s not been on ‘this’ platform before. Doesn’t narrow it down much, but Onimusha has to be a contender.

My best guess: There are loads of established Capcom franchises this could be, but Onimusha is one that would seem particularly timely right now.

Will a new Twisted Metal be announced? Or won’t it?
Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe posted a blurred image of an email on his blog that seemed to suggest his studio Eat Sleep Play was working on a video presentation featuring cars and violence that Jaffe hoped would “wow the crowds”. But Jaffe has denied he has anything to show publicly at E3. According to his blog, he’s attending E3 to pitch something to Sony. Hmmm… the plot thickens.

My best guess: I reckon Eat Sleep Play is working on Twisted Metal for the PS3 and that the video presentation is just that. But a public showing at E3 seems unlikely.

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