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E3 Live: MK Vs SFIV trash talk

One of the oldest rivalries in videogames is about to be reignited as Capcom’s Street Fighter IV goes up against Midway’s latest Mortal Kombat game, MK Vs DC. Both games are on show at E3 and Play caught up with MK Vs DC‘s associate producer, Hector Sanchez, to get his view on the upcoming battle of the beat-’em-ups.

“We want to be the best beat-’em-up of all time,” says Sanchez. “And you can’t be the best beat em up of all time unless you take on Street Fighter – I think we have a really good chance. Hopefully gamers will see something in our game that they don’t see in their game, and SF fans will probably see something in their game that don’t in ours. Still, I enjoy SFIV and I hope the Capcom guys will enjoy MK Vs DC – just as long as no one buys Soul Calibur!”

Ooh, hear that Soul Calibur fans? Looks like we’re set for an interesting battle over the coming months, but whoever comes out on top, Play is just glad that these two genre heavyweights are getting back into the ring – could a beat-’em-up revival be around the corner?

Check future issues of Play for a closer look at MK Vs DC and the full interview with Hector Sanchez.

  • Both game looks like utter rubbish .. at least Soul Calibur 4 actually looks fun even though I have my reservations about it.

  • That’s ridiculous! How can you say they look like rubbish? I’ve always been an MK fan and this game looks like it’s gonna be pretty hard core and I’m in no way shape or form a SF fan but I can’t even deny it looks like they have FINALLY made a game worth playing.