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E3 Live: Bayonetta


So we’ve just come out of a demonstration of Bayonetta (the upcoming DMC-style action game from Sega and Platinum Games), and it is looking pretty spectacular. In fact, from what we’ve seen, DMC5 will have a tough act to follow.

The game plays out very similar to DMC (not a surprise since Dante’s creator now heads up Platinum). In our demo we saw Bayonetta, a very curvy witch, who has the most sexualised walk ever, running around a level with very gothic architecture. “We wanted to create a female character who is sexy but also comes across as being very strong, even to males,” says producer Yasuke Hashimoto. Pretty soon a bunch demonic enemies came trundling along and the hyper-stylised combat got underway.

Bayonetta is as stylish as she is formidable, flipping into a handstand and firing in all directions with her stiletto-mounted guns. She can also perform dodge moves that segue into bullet time, allowing her to execute insane combos that conclude with a colossal, ethereal fist, punching enemies to death, or a giant foot crashing down from the heavens. There’s even “torture moves”, one of which sees her roll out a full-sized guillotine, stick her enemy’s head in the stock, spank him repeatedly and then decapitate him 16th Century style. Impressive, but all kinds of wrong.

Although the similarity to DMC was obvious to us, Hashimoto didn’t appreciate the comparison. “This is a completely different game from DMC,” said Hashimoto. “It is in the same genre, DMC is continually evolving, but Bayonetta is an evolution of the genre – it is not inspired or an answer to DMC

We’ll bring you a closer look at this potential ‘DMC-killer’ in our upcoming issue of Play.