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E3 2011 – Pictures Of E3 Before It Begins

E3 2011 – Pictures Of E3 Before It Begins

I’m at the E3 Media Center (spelt that way because it’s AMERICAN) at Los Angeles Convention Center (spelt that way beca oh I already explained never mind). It’s strangely quiet in here because the Nintendo press conference is happening right now, about 10 minutes walk from here.

Weirdly, there are loads of journalists in the media center right now watching the Nintendo conference. Maybe they couldn’t get in. Maybe they want a reliable Wi-Fi connection which every single press conference, bar Microsoft, has failed to provide. Who knows.

One guy here is playing Angry Birds on his mobile. Another two journalists are having loud listen-to-me-I’m-really-important conversations on their phone. Me, I’m just typing this and chilling out. E3 begins at 12pm over here, which works out to be 8pm UK time. I’ll keep things updated on Facebook, Twitter, here and NowGamer.com wherever Wi-Fi allows it.

In any case, here’s E3 before the madness begins and it’s full of fat, unhealthy, sweaty videogame journalists like myself. Behold the pictures.

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