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E3 2008 blog: Sony Conference

Jack’s back on stage and he’s announcing a new PS3 pack for $399, an 80GB PS3 with the same functionality as the 40GB one, so that still means no move back the backwards compatibility. No word on if this package is coming to the UK or not but where the US leads, we seem to follow. I’ll hunt down Sony’s UK PR in a minute and let you know.

More on the games now, and Jack name drops some exclusives: MotorStorm Pacific Rift, InFamous and more. Cut to video showing exclusive and non-exclusive games. Aren’t these guys dodging the question here? Where are the new games?!?

At last! God Of War III and a trailer. Just. Incredible. Okay, there’s no gameplay footage but as probably the biggest GOW fan there is, I’m pretty damn excited. The trailer shows Kratos stood on Mount Olympus and a suitable gruff movie-trailer voice talks of destruction and mankind and stuff.

InFamous next, and it’s basically a superhero game in a GTA-style open world. Looks pretty amazing if I’m honest, certainly much more intesting than Prototype. A new game from Zipper, the maker of SOCOM, a game called: MAG, which stands from Massive Action Game. It’s an online game with over 200 players online in a battle at once. The 256 players will be broken into squads of eight, with character progression giving promotions that gives a player his standing in the squad. Typically there will be numerous objectives and battles to be won in the massive levels. Again, we’re told that this is only possible on PS3.

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