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E3 2008 blog: now back live at Sony!

Right, Wi-Fi is back up and I can now blog a bit quicker. Ready?

PSP comes to the fore now with Resistance: Retribution announced for Sony’s handheld. It looks to be a third-person shooter, starring Nathan Hale. And, yes, it looks pretty decent. At least it’s not an FPS on PSP. Worst. Idea. Ever. Back to PS3 and more connectivity. “Life With PlayStation” is announced and will give you live news from Google on your PS3. Apparently available at the end of the month.

Jack moves onto Sony Online Entertainment and its new MMO, DC Universe Online. Artist Jim Lee from DC Comics, and head of the game, is now on stage and, for some reason unknown to me, comes on doing one-handed press-ups. He talks a little about comics and games and how he loves MMOs especially. And how he was the first Palladin (?) on his server to get some magic thing. Now we’re laughing with him.

Anyway, onto DC Universe Online. Jim asks the question, “How cool would it be to design your own DC superhero and take part in a DC-designed online world?” Pretty cool thinks the world. We see a short video showing all the DC legendary characters doing heroic/evil things in, to be honest, what looks like the blandest game world ever.

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