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E3 2008- a return to quality?

rock-band.jpgI, like everyone who didn’t have to attend the event, used to love E3. It was the closest thing the gaming world had to a celebration, despite the absolutely punishment that must be endured by the people that work there. There was something cathartic about receiving an absolute onslaught of news, in the middle of the year; since the release schedule is usually in drought mode, by July, E3 re-affirmed our love of games in a slew of exciting announcements. Since it was downsized in 2007, publishers announce games in a more fractured manner, which has essentially taken all the fun away, for the gamer. It’s not about the press, after all, or even the publishers– gamers obviously appreciate the volume of news, as it can determine their choices of software and hardware purchases over the next year.When some of the ESA’s bigger members decided to nix E3, in 2006, it turned out to be counter-productive, anyway. Most publishers simply had to host their own events as an outlet (Ubidays and Captivate, for example), or save their bigger announcements for Leipzig in the latter part of the years. If publishers are going to do this anyway, why not restore the convention in its entirety, and shy away from doing publisher-by-publisher events?This year, of course, sees a return to the convention centre for the event. After a paltry E3 2007 that saw us running up and down Santa Monica, there’s finally a semblance of reason to proceedings.In just a matter of hours, however, we’ll find out if the Electronic Entertainment Expo is still the force that it once was.

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