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Dust 514, Or: A Lesson In Caring About A Bland-Looking Game

Dust 514, Or: A Lesson In Caring About A Bland-Looking Game

You might have heard the name Dust 514 and not really cared. You might have seen the screens and just ignored them as another futuristic FPS from Blandstown, Blandington. I wouldn’t blame you.

But if the plans for the game, announced years ago and soon to see an update at E3, are carried off in any way like they are intended to be, Dust 514 could be something very special indeed. Even if it does look like Corporal Blandsworth McBlandatory crafted it himself from the blandest materials known to (bland) man. With a little help from the superhero Commander Blander, naturally.

It doesn’t look very exciting, is what I’m saying. In case you didn’t get it.

Anyway, the idea behind the game is what’s genuinely exciting here, and makes me often refer to Dust 514 as ‘a proper next-generation game’, because I’m all edgy like that and stuff. Basically, the game will (should) tie in with the existing PC MMO EVE Online, running a different kind of game in parallel to the existing space-trade-shoot-extort-‘em-up. In basic terms, it means pilots from the PC game will (should) be able to hire mercenaries for their nefarious industrial espionage. These mercenaries will (should) be played by console gamers, via Dust 514, and the results of matches will (should) directly affect the world of EVE Online. Which then directly affects Dust 514. Which then directly affects EVE Online. And so on.

It’s all woulds and shoulds right now, but we should be finding out more later this evening. Hopefully it’ll all be as exciting as it sounds (it is exciting – don’t argue), and hopefully it will be pulled off as well as I want it to be. Interesting ideas do sometimes come in bland-looking packages, you see.

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  • Shane Mac

    This game has turned into a BIG JOKE! CCP ruined it by putting a 200,000 skill point limit on each player for the week. Those that don’t know, the SP is required for all upgrades! Also, they automaticly take 50% of what you earn from every battle and put it into a “reserve” that trickles into your account at the rate of 20,000 per day. The good items require around 1,000,000 skill points to use. This all makes any advances next to impossible! It would take a minimum of a year to get any good items once the game is actually launched! For the record, I have been playing for several months EVERYDAY! I reach my skill point limit on the first day and am screwed for the rest of the week. CCP also claims that this is not a PAY TO WIN game! They are liers! Anyone can check the leader score board and see players who have over 5000 kills in just 6 days! This is impossible unless you actually spend REAL cash to buy the weapons you dont have the skill points to use. I only continue to play because I extremely enjoy just running people over! No matter what their skill level is, they are no match for my SUV bumper! : ) That is, unless they see me coming and blast me with an AV grenade. : ( Had they of left the skill points the way they were, Dust 514 would be a much happier place! 100’s of players have already left because of this issue! On the average, there are only 40-50 beta testers playing at any given time! It has never gone over 53 players! This makes getting into a battle extremely hard! The lag is also still there. This was suppose to be fixed months ago. Still players are being disconnected! I don’t see how they could even possible launch so soon with all the problems still going on!
    My advice is, don’t get attached to this game! You WILL be greatly disapointed!