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Dual-wielding in Modern Warfare 2

Dual-wielding in Modern Warfare 2


Infinity Ward community manager Robert Bowling has inadvertently revealed what appears to be a new Perk during a demo at a show hosted by US retail chain GameCrazy. While demoing a single-player mission, Bowling walked over the body of an enemy that had dropped a sidearm and the ‘Akimbo’ icon popped up onscreen. The audience was quick to spot it and started chanting demands for Bowling to pick it up, so he did and showed off some Desert Eagle dual-wielding.

This revelation has left some fans worried that realism is getting cast aside in Modern Warfare 2, as in real-life it’s extremely difficult to fire a gun as powerful as a Desert Eagle with one hand, never mind one in each hand. Bowling has assured the Infinity Ward community that, even if it isn’t absolutely realistic, dual-wielding isn’t going to upset the balance of the game as it carries numerous disadvantages such as a penalty to your accuracy and only being able to fire ‘from the hip’ without using your sights.

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