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Dragon Age Goes Flash For Prequel

Dragon Age Goes Flash For Prequel


EA has announced a Flash based prequel to upcoming RPG Dragon Age: Origins available online very soon. Dragon Age Journeys: The Deep Road has been developed by EA 2D in conjunction with BioWare and will be made available ahead of the full game’s release next month. This will likely be the first in a series of Flash spin-offs for EA following in the footsteps of successful browser fair like Mirror’s Edge 2D.

“At EA 2D it is our mission to create blockbusters for the browser; some will be original games created by our teams and some will be games within other EA franchises, such as Dragon Age Journeys,” EA 2D producer Ethan Levy explained on the BioWare blog. “We broke ground on Journeys back in November 2008, and after so many months of blood, sweat and tears, we can’t tell you how excited we are to finally start talking about the game.”

journeys-2Dragon Age Journeys will be split into three prelimunary chapters offering a single-player, tactical RPG experience. BioWare made plenty of research material, back story, concept art and other assets available to the development team to make sure it will be as steeped in Dragon Age lore as possible. “The Deep Roads features character classes, talent trees, sound effects, music and user interface taken directly from Dragon Age: Origins,” Levy revealed. “Thanks to all these resources and input from the BioWare team, it will serve as a solid introduction to the world of Dragon Age.”

The game will be available from www.dragonagejourneys.com and you can keep updated on its progress at the BioWare Blog.

Via Kotaku

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