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Dragon Age gets a release date and “exciting” announcement

Dragon Age gets a release date and “exciting” announcement


BioWare’s upcoming epic-RPG-a-thon Dragon Age: Origins has finally been given a solid release date for PS3. In the US, that is. We still have to apply a bit of assumption and guesswork to get the European date. Nevertheless, it’s 17 November in America, meaning we can assume it’s the following Friday in Europe – the 20th.

PC and 360 owners of the world are getting the rather impressive-looking NeverWinter Nights/Baldur’s Gate half-kinda-spiritual successor earlier, but we of the PS3-owning world have something to look forward to, apparently, in the shape of a BioWare announcement on the Sony version of the game. As the Dragon Age site says:

On Friday 23 Oct at 11 AM PST, join BioWare co-founders Dr Ray Muzyka and Dr Greg Zeschuk in a live chat where they have a exciting announcement for the PS3 version of Dragon Age: Origins. After the announcement, they will be answering questions along with the Lead Designer Mike Laidlaw and Executive Producer Mark Darrah about BioWare’s New Dark Fantasy Epic Dragon Age: Origins.

The announcement will be on the PlayStation Blog, so check it out for the details as and when they arrive. 11am PST is 6pm human time, so it’s a bit of a wait until then. Does anybody care to speculate on what the announcement might be? Free cheese with all pre-orders? Life-size Dwarves to attend selected midnight openings for the game? ? Mods? (oh please let it be mods) We just don’t know.

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  • I’d love it to be mods… an improved version of the Unreal Tournament III which let the PS3 players mod the hell out of it while the 360 players could only look on in envy!
    But realistically I reckon it will be DA Home area… which would be ok but not quite as cool!