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Dragon Age 2 confirmed: is this a good thing?


EA earlier outed that development of Dragon Age 2 was underway at BioWare through a press release for a completely different game. Not that they haven’t already mentioned it – numerous times – before, but now it’s on paper, printed (well, “on computer screens, typed”) so it’s more or less official. But this begs the question: does it matter? Do we want to see another swords-and-sorcery RPG with the usual cast of Lord Of The Rings rip-offs and more of that god-awful ‘sex’ stuff BioWare put in seemingly all of their games?

Yes. Yes we do. We really, really do. So much it actually hurts a little bit.

So yes, it did just seem to be like the Lord Of The Rings in many, many ways – but the Lord Of The Rings is brilliant, so why is that a complaint? Plus the fact that the world, the lore, the characters and the norms of the universe have been thoroughly established through the first game (and DLC, and expansion), so BioWare have more of a base to build from than before and make it even more their own – differentiating it from the “it’s just LOTR” naysayers.

And yes, the sex stuff was terrible – funny, even – and made a fair few of us cringe before, during and after… and in the game OH THAT’S GOOD COMEDY… but… well… umm… hmm. Maybe this time the sex stuff will be better? Or maybe they’ll cut it altogether? We’ll be happy so long as gay elf shagging returns.

Then there are the normal things, like how it will likely look better, how BioWare will have learned from any mistakes of the past game, how we’ll get an amazing new story to battle through, how the cast of characters will be built upon and expanded in (likely) great ways, how the music will – hopefully – be just as good as before… the list goes on.

We complain a fair bit about how too many sequels pop up all over the place, but there are times when we get very excited about these follow-ups. This is most definitely one of them.
Stay tuned to all the BioWare channels you can find for – what we’re assuming to be – the Dragon Age 2 announcement tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll be able to get something about it in our upcoming issue of Play, but for now you can be content with issue 194, on sale now.

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  • Zeno

    It’s too early for another Dragon Age. It’s confirmed by suspicions that Bioware is turning into another of EA’s cash cows- Not even a year since the last game and the promised DLC is, well, a dodgy expansion.

    I thought GameInformer’s cover was going to be The next Elder Scrolls. Guess I was wrong.

  • Sean

    Only if they improve the combat and if they don’t make a terrible port to the PS3 like last time. I was unfortunate enough to read the review that it was given on here and I went out and brought it.

  • Zeno

    It’s Sonys fault for releasing our damn console a year to late :S