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Download Only Future Far Away Says Sony

Download Only Future Far Away Says Sony


In an interview conducted by Activision’s UK boss Andrew Brown for MCV Sony’s Ray Maguire about how soon we could expect to see a download only future on consoles. Maguire, the Sony UK head, pointed at poor average connection speeds in the UK as the most important factor, although this could all change by 2012 when the government’s Digital Britain plan comes to fruition (it promised minimum 2Mb per second broadband for every home by then).

“Whilst it may be convenient and straightforward to download relatively small files, it’s unrealistic to
expect the vast majority of consumers to access and store the 25 or 50 gigabytes of data that make up a Blu-ray release,” Maguire explained. “Therefore, whilst the popularity of and demand for bite-size content will continue to grow, there’ll still be a need for a storage medium that’s both convenient and accessible to the majority, not the minority, for some time to come.”

You can read the rest of Maguire’s thoughts as well as the views of Microsoft UK boss Neil Thompson and Nintendo’s UK man David Yarnton over on the MCV UK website (hit the link below).

MCV via VG247

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  • David

    Whilst it may well be inevitable in the future, download only isn’t realistic as of yet. Download speeds and usage restrictions just aren’t capable of supporting full size games, especially when it can take upto 3 hours to download a 1080p film. Plus I have over 30 PS3 games and a 500GB HDD in my PS3. If each game came to 25GB, which btw is larger than most usage allowances (excluding unlimited), I wouldn’t be able to store them all, and thats 3 years into a console which suposedly is aimed at 10 years.