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Doom and Doom 2: Now Unbanned In Germany! Wait, What?

Doom and Doom 2: Now Unbanned In Germany! Wait, What?

Censorship, certification, the banning of sale of games, movies, books, whatever – it’s all nonsense, isn’t it? How a small group – the few – can decide what is and isn’t suitable for the rest of us – the many – is beyond me. Yet still it goes on.

Don’t get me wrong, recommendations and content warnings I’m fine with. I need to be told what goes on in Antichrist before I take my six-year-old to see it*, but I don’t want someone I don’t know – someone who doesn’t know my morals/values/how shitty a person I am – to tell me what is and isn’t appropriate for me. Are you listening, Germany?

Because Germany has just unlisted Doom and Doom 2, meaning those three billion-year-old games are no longer banned from sale in the country. The games I played as a child here in the UK, even though the PlayStation version was rated 15 by the BBFC, meaning I was technically banned from playing it. Clearly turned me into a terrible person. Oh wait, I just said I was a shitty person. Hmm.

Anyway, it’s things like this that just make me question the need for a banning authority. Things we are sensitive to at the time change. Attitudes evolve, grow and become more or less sensitive to certain things. Doom, these days, just looks quaint. It’s almost hilarious that it was banned from a nation. Things change, what is considered ‘morality’ changes – how can one small group of people decide what is and isn’t right for millions of people?

I could go on more, but I’m not concentrating. I have Doom on the brain. Finally, Germany – Doom! DOOM.

*I do not have a six-year-old, this is a hypothetical situation.

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