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Don’t We Already All Own The Welcome Back Pack Games?

Don’t We Already All Own The Welcome Back Pack Games?

Sony are apparently screwing us by offering a selection of games they absolutely did not have to offer us, as an apology for the PSN’s downtime. Apparently, according to some of the louder voices out there, ‘everybody already has those games’. LET’S DO SOME MATHS USING SALES FIGURES:


LittleBigPlanet – 4,391,413
inFamous – 1,950,771
Ratchet & Clank: Quest For Booty – 624,190

LittleBigPlanet – 1,613,728
ModNation Racers – 317,052
Pursuit Force – 631,437
Killzone Liberation – 645,598

TOTAL SALES: 10,174,189

My in-depth research (ahem) has been unable to wangle up any sales figures for Wipeout HD or Dead Nation, so let’s just add an arbitrary one million onto that above figure. Then there are missing figures like Quest For Booty’s figures in the US, for example. Let’s just add 1.5 million for all those (not just Quest For Booty, mind).


Also it should be taken into account that this is from VGChartz, and they basically guess their figures, so they’re not 100 per cent accurate. So let’s do some more guessmaths:

TOTAL PSN USERS MINUS TOTAL GUESSED SALES (77m – 12,674,189) = 64,325,811

So that’s, at a rough guess, more than 64 million people with PSN accounts who haven’t bought any of the games offered. That’s a fair few more than the people who have bought these games.

It’s guesswork, yes. The 77 million figure isn’t actually that representative of the number of people with a PS3 and a PSP, just of how many accounts were apparently taken in the hack.

But the figures give some idea of how much utter crap these over-entitled little loudmouth twerps are talking online. Yes, there are newer games. Yes, there are better games. Yes, a lot of us more committed gamers will have already bought a few (or all) of these games. But this is a gift Sony did not have to offer at all, and it’s there to cater for 77 million people.

You’re just one of that 77 million. Get over it.

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  • Ross D

    I’m personally happy with this list. I’ve been considering Wipeout, infamous, and quest for booty for a while now and never got round to getting any so unlike the ‘majority’ of ungrateful people I’m having trouble picking. Sony wanted to offer items as an apology for the downtime. Nothing said they had to but they wanted to. They had to cater for majority of users, if they’d picked obscure games people who owned them wouldn’t be happy, or if they picked just psn only games, people would moan. So the way I see it is that I’m grateful Sony care this much to offer this pack, and those with ps+ subscriptions can use their discounts on everything they can anyway so those of us not caring for the subscription, subscribers will get good deals all the time. Plus everyone’s missing the big fact of WE HAVE THE PSN BACK! HURRAY!

  • Robert

    “But this is a gift Sony did not have to offer at all.”

    True, but I think it’s unacceptable if products that I buy are not 100% useable for a few weeks.

  • Billy

    Pre-owned sales ???????????

    Did you fail Maths ?!

  • Ian Dransfield

    I’m sure pre-owned sales will make up that 64 million-person shortfall.

  • I’ll be going for WipeOut and Dead Nation I think. Both have been on my radar for a while. No point in missing out on them now.

  • Scrum

    inFamous and WipeOut for me. Free stuff for the win :3

  • KeeperOfTheWord

    Wouldn’t preowned sales make the number of people who own the game… EXACTLY THE SAME?

    If you +1 for every preowned sale, you also -1 for the person who sold it.

    Silly Billy.

  • Billy

    Am guessing nobody here has

    1, Got multiple accounts (77M individual accounts ?).
    2, Played a game finished it sold it on
    3, Hence high numbers have played offered games.

    Nice try :-p

  • Garan

    I think its a good gesture.Many people,myself included,will be happy to download these games,and an extra 60 days of PS Plus is more than compensating.Besides if you own all the games already you can afford to pay for what ever games you thought should have being offered.

  • Stainless Steele

    Wipeout HD + Ratchet and clank

    Everyone already owns the others. I’ve already sold them as well as many of you guys have said.
    Can’t wait for inFamous 2 though….

  • the bossman

    I’ll get R&C QFB and the Wipeout game, don’t have either of them and will do as freebies. Already got Dead Nation, LBP and Infamous.

  • Jason

    So basically people who are loyal and own or have owned these games aren’t entitled to compensation for being loyal and for sony compromising our personal details?

    We’re not asking for a total overhaul of the list, just some alternative for us or at least add 3 or so more games to list? thats no different to us just picking too out of the 5 except we have more choice

  • David

    I’ve alreay got all the games I want for PSP but I’d happily pick up Infamous for free. The demo wasn’t too bad, but I found the demo hard to complete, which put me off of it.

    I do have one nagging feeling though that Sony might gain for this (other than appealing to the masses over PSN). By getting people to play old games they might gain fans for franchises and in turn increase the sales of the sequels.

  • Mike

    Well I’m one of the so called minority who hasn’t got any of the titles they’re offering which makes me one very happy panda. Not sure which two I’ll take but I’ll make my mind up when the store comes back on line.

    I don’t know about the other titles but I’m sure the main reason sony are offering InFamos as a freebee is because the sequel is just about to hit the stores. Think about it, we’ll give everyone the first one free and just maybe they’ll buy the second installment.

    Personally I’m very happy with what Sony are offering. After all we are being given a load of free stuff as an apology for not being able to use a free service for a couple of weeks.

  • B13

    While I’ll admit, a lot of people have played/owned those games, and that’s fine; I’ll also say this: there are games that I kinda like, and don’t really care to pay for, but will totally accept if it was free. If you have the games already, just trade a couple of ’em in towards another game you like, and get the free copy from sony; you download it once, it’s yours, you own it, and you can download it AGAIN if you decide you wanna free up the space on your HDD, but considering the dollar to gigabyte ratio on hard drives, you can probably get enough space for a few games so long as you’re not storing entire media catalogs on your ps3.