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Do You Want Red Dead Redemption 2, Or Something Else Entirely?

Do You Want Red Dead Redemption 2, Or Something Else Entirely?

Good news: Rockstar San Diego, creator of the excellent Red Dead Redemption, is advertising for staff to work on a new open-world game. Woohoo, etc. It’s got to be RDR 2, hasn’t it?

Yes, of course. Look at the evidence. The original was scored out of the wazoo. It sold approximately 14 Quarktillion copies. Surely, if Rockstar and its corporate overlord had any sense, it would be chaining the San Diego guys to their desks and telling them they’ve got two years to make it or the families get it.

What if this isn’t the case however? Don’t get us wrong: we love the idea of an RDR 2. There’s so many good settings and narrative options available: American Civil War, for example. Why not?

Good question. Here’s another one though: what if San Diego were free from the constraints that an RDR sequel would bring, and instead could head off and create a new IP?

Put it this way: do we need a new RDR right about now? The answer, really, is no. Not really. If we had the choice we’d far rather take a new property, a risk essentially from the team, because RDR 2 is all but guaranteed anyway. A new experience less so.

Thanks for the heads up, GameInformer

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  • Joey

    I aggree, RDR was excellent but there’s no want for a second.
    However, my hope is they don’t create a new IP. Even though it may have been a cult game I’d love a new Bully / Canis Canim Edit. A current gen version would be just the game for me. I loved Bully on ps2 and the fact it was so controversial made it all the more appealing.
    I’m sick of shooting goons in the face, jacking cars and running from police, I’d much rather push nerds into lockers, steal bicycles and hide from prefects. Bring on Bully 2 I say! Who’s with me?


    Oh, why did they kill off John Marston? The guy was friggin’ awesome. His son, on the other hand … well, best leave that one alone.

    I suppose they could do a prequel, but John was not the nicest of folks back then, so that probably wouldn’t work.

  • Conor

    I really would rather Red Dead 2 than a new IP..I love the american civil war setting idea.

  • OhitikaAkicita

    I think there should be more natives, possibly you can be a native during the battle of little bighorn ect. even if this isn’t possible, at least try to get tribes, clothing, regalia correct from the already existing natives