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Do You Really Want PS4 Next Year?

Do You Really Want PS4 Next Year?

If you trust the internet (and you definitely shouldn’t, just like that man with the sweets you see when you’re alone) then we’ll be basking in the glory of a new PlayStation console by the end of next year.

We’re not talking about some new PS3 Slim-style revision here either: full-blown sequel is the talk of the town, complete with (presumably) outrageous specs and the sort of power that would make CyberDyne blush.

But do you really want a PS4? We certainly don’t. Think about it. Ps3 is just hitting its stride. Games like Uncharted 3 look absolutely incredible and Sony is rumoured to be dropping the price below the £199, which is going to see an amazing boost in console sales.

Sure, third-party releases could look better, and yes Sony has been more arrogant this gen than Cristiano Ronaldo and The Rock rolled into one horrible package. But think: would a new PlayStation next year really offer the generational leap we expect, nay demand from our console releases?

We think not. Roll on the next few years of PS3. The best is yet to come, but if you disagree let us know and we’ll set Ian on you…

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  • BerryGunner8

    I deffo dont want a new console, whats the point? If they release a new console now people will looks back on the ps3 as a failure compared to xbox and wii, whereas I think in 2 years it will have overtaken the 360…

  • KC

    Two new hardware pieces in two years? How much money do they think we all have!!? I won’t be able to afford it with me buying the Vita as well..

  • Conor

    there should be no ps4 till at least 2014

  • Geoman37

    No, seeing as ps3 games are still getting better and better every year and the system is still no way near its limits yet so why can’t they just leave it until the ps3 has completely reached it’s limits.

    Still we are begging them not to make a new thing but would you ever argue for naughty dog to not relese uncharted 3 for a while because they could just patch uncharted 2? And now I just realised how bad that description was…