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DLC to be sold in US stores

DLC to be sold in US stores


GameStop, America’s biggest specialist games retailer, has announced plans to launch a scheme next year whereby downloadable content for games can be bought in stores. Well, paid for in stores anyway. You still have to download it as normal when you get home.

“So what’s the point?” you might well ask. Well, we’d say there are a number of reasons for launching this scheme. First, it’s a way for Sony and Microsoft to keep retailers, who are threatened by the rise of direct download shopping, happy. If GameStop’s scheme is a success then expect to see it rolled out in other chains in the US and here in Europe. Game publishers also will see it as a good way to market their DLC at the ‘frontline’. GameStop staff will no doubt be trained to offer DLC to customers for the very games they’re buying, which could well increase sales. And there are potential advantages for customers too, as you won’t have to either pay buy card or buy more credit than you need, as you do with the existing DLC systems. Under this scheme, kids with some pocket money to spend as well as customers with store credit from trade-ins can use it to buy DLC. Don’t be surprised if similar schemes spring up at the likes of Game, GameStation and HMV in the UK.

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  • Dave Moore

    this seems a good idea. anything that keeps the stores mentioned open and people in jobs is a good thing.

  • Matt D

    I think this will work, seeing that there are people who don’t have access to a credit/debit card can now get DLC. This could also raise awareness to DLC, and thus, cause bigger sales.