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DICE: ‘We’re not being challenged’

DICE: ‘We’re not being challenged’

Patrick Bach, Executive Producer for Battlefield 3, has told Play that DICE is ‘not really getting challenged’.

“We actually thought everyone would do destruction when we did Battlefield: Bad company 1, to be honest,” he said. “And we’re still not seeing it. Which is disappointing.”

Is Bach surprised?

“Yes. I’m very surprised.”

We then noted games such as Call of Duty avoid destruction as they thrive on fast, arcade-style gameplay. But Bach continues his point, referring to an earlier part of the conversation where he said sound is expected in games because ‘everyone does it’.

“Yeah. Maybe. But still… I would be very disappointed if someone left out sound in their games because it feels like a natural part of their games. I thought everyone wanted to get to the point where interaction with the world was the next natural thing in videogames. But we’re not really being challenged.

“We’re getting challenged more by our consumers wanting more stuff rather than other games leading the way on what can be achieved. We like competition. We want people to challenge us. And right now, we’re challenging ourselves when it comes to destruction.”

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