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Diablo III on consoles is a bad idea

Diablo III on consoles is a bad idea

Blizzard are currently developing Diablo III – a much-anticipated third entry to a series where you make monsters explode so you can get loot (it’s brilliant, trust me). There has been no confirmation the game would be making its way to consoles, but Jason Bender, senior designer on the game, recently said:

“I think it is suited to consoles… We’re definitely working, obviously, on the PC version. This is something that’s been brought up a lot about Diablo… It’s sort of an ongoing question. And I’m sure we would all love to play it on console, but right now, we’re just focused on what we’ve got in front of us. Who knows what the future holds? It’s hard to say.”

So there is a hint of a slight chance Diablo III will be coming to console. I don’t think this should happen. Here is why…

This isn’t a 12-year-too-late rant about the original Diablo being a bit pump on PSone. Even though it was, and it still irks me to this day. I mean, you couldn’t even walk in diagonal directions. And it took forever to load. And it didn’t look anywhere near as good as the PC version, though that was to be expected. But that’s not my reason.

No, I think Diablo III should remain on PC because it is fundamentally a PC game. That’s where it belongs. I’m all for cross-pollination of the gaming world, and I love PC gaming as much as console gaming, but some things belong in certain places. This isn’t a cry to limit exposure, it’s more a cry to save Diablo III the indignity of being ‘consoleified’ and probably failing, as console gamers decry it for not being Call Of Duty.

Which they will.

No, leave Diablo III to the PC where it belongs. Let it thrive in a world of obsessive ‘clickclickclick’-ing and let the modders and close-knit online communities extend the experience way beyond what it could achieve on console. It’s going to be such a treasured release, when it eventually comes out, that it would besmirch the reputation of the series to send it out to die on PS3 and 360.

Which, let’s be honest, is what would happen. Close-knit online communities on console? Don’t make me laugh. Mods? They tried it with Unreal Tournament III. That died a death. There’s no need to bring it to consoles. Let Diablo III retain a feeling of exclusivity by keeping it exclusive.

[Quote via VG247]

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  • Better order it from Amazon with multi-clickclickclickclickclick ordering!

  • Henning

    That’s a pretty weak reason. “That’s where it belongs.” ??? Give me a break.

  • Jeff

    I completely agree.

    However if the horrible red-headed stepchild that is Activision has any say the bottom line may become more important than the mana and health bubbles I love oh so dearly. That said, I would pay exorbitant sums of money to have this game right now.

  • That’s kind of a shitty reason for them to not release Diablo 3 on consoles, isn’t it?

    I mean, the fundamental gameplay of Diablo isn’t impossible to do on consoles at all. The only real issue is that the online probably wouldn’t be as robust, which admittedly is disappointing but nothing that would ruin the games reputation.

    People who are interested in aspects like modding are going to play the game on the PC, the game being on consoles would never change that fact. What it would change however is the number of people that would get to experience what will arguably be Blizzards best game.

    When Tourchlight hit’s consoles and plays just a great as the PC version, maybe you’ll change your mind.

    Also, Unreal Tournament III failed on every platform so I’m not really sure why that’s brought up at all. User-created content DOES work on consoles when it’s supported properly (see LittleBigPlanet).

    Midway and Epic didn’t support either console releases like they should have and the PC version is still incredibly lackluster and pales in comparison to UT2004.

  • Jeff


    I mean online play IS Diablo. I think if the online suffers, the game suffers.

  • user123

    how about incorporation with the PS MOVE?

  • Persistantthug

    Ian Dransfield…..

    Both your view and your article are hilariously sad, and fanboy’ish to boot.

    You even go on to lie in your article, such as it is, just to try and push your irrelevant point.

    First, Diablo 1 (PS1) moved in all 8 directions and even garnered good review scores (EGM rated Diablo 8-8.5)….here’s D1 running on the PSP moving in 8 directions http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uFTDEEBKi0

    You see, I actually OWNED the game and got it based of of EGM’s review.

    As of now, there is NOT A SINGLE GOOD REASON for D3 to NOT appear on consoles in just the same way Diablo 1 was back in 1998….and that didn’t hurt the PC version either.

    I really do hope DIABLO 3 goes to consoles, if for no other reason than just to see the delicious tears streaming from the faces of fanboys….at that time, I will want the pepper passed.

  • Ikaro

    Sorry Ian but Diablo III will not have Mods.
    Like any console game.

    Lead designer Jay Wilson Talking to G4 say:

    “Diablo III will not support mods, so whatever it is you were thinking about creating won’t officially be supported.”

  • p

    Very weak reasoning.
    >>as console gamers decry it for not being Call Of Duty.

    I am a console gamer and contrary to what you believe, not everyone (gasp) plays COD.

    This article makes you sound like a child not wanting to share which is pathetic.

  • Steve

    I don’t agree, Sacred 2 worked well on the PS3 and Diablo 3 will probably be similar (but better) to that and like P said not everyone plays COD.

  • Tom Ato

    Why shouldn’t the game be released on consoles? Is it because, were that to happen, people might actually BUY it???

    Face facts kid, PC gaming is dead. PC exclusives constantly put up crap sales figures because PC gamers are not real gamers, therefore they don’t buy games, they only pretend to like them. Should Diablo 3 stay on PC only it probably wouldn’t even sell enough to cover it’s publishing costs, if they put it on the consoles, where the real gamers are, the dev’s will make a huge amount of profit – which is good for everybody.

    Putting Diablo 3 out on the PC for it to die a slow, piracy – related death and bring about a terriying financial loss for the developers is not cool. Put it on the consoles, let the real gamers experience what the little – league kids on the PC are used to, if it really is a good game, it will sell well and everyone will wind up a winner.

  • nefal

    tom ato is a retard , pc gaming is dead ?? are you stupid provide some prove before you make stupid claims like that. http://www.techi.com/2011/09/consoles-vs-pc-gaming/ stupid loser talking like he is some pro ,games originated from pc’s it will never die u fool

  • nefal

    oh and games on console is way more expensive than the pc !