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Developers: stop ruining your cutscenes

Developers: stop ruining your cutscenes

Right, it’s getting ridiculous now, and it must be stopped. We speak of course of the brainless custom of plonking a great big ‘Press (whatever) to skip’ logo up on screen during cutscenes.

Homefront did it. Crysis 2 else did it. Now a certain massively hyped zombie game is doing it. Why? Do developers think that all gamers are a nation of idiots? Homefront and Crysis 2 are rated both 15: where did the developers get the idea that the people playing these games don’t know how to skip a cutscene?

What’s even more ridiculous is that devs know we know how to skip cutscenes already, because during QA testing it’s common to ‘idiot-proof’ a game by spamming all the buttons on loading screens and cutscenes to make sure they don’t crash. There’s even a dedicated bloody program called PadMonkey that is built to simulate end-user stress on these areas. Yeah, developers, we know. We’re on to you.

Forget the nannying: it’s the interruption that we find to be really annoying. Why bother crafting intricate or involving cutscenes when you’re just going to slap a banner over the top of them? It’s like when game stores put their own stickers over the top of game boxes, or when Sony reissues a game in its ghastly Platinum or The Best series: trash.

So developers, here’s an ultimatum: stop doing this, or all your games get 0%. We’re totally not kidding. You’re on notice, boys.

Unless, of course, you’re being made to do this by the platform holder’s ridiculous technical requirements checklist. Then, Sony’s in big trouble.

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  • Jackie

    I wish they would have shown how to get out of the El Shaddai cutscenes. Can’t do it!

  • kristen

    It’s sadly impossible. Pretty much for all of the cut scenes, you’ll notice the game is actually loading. They intertwined these two thinking it would be a good idea. For some people, like myself, think it’s pretty neat. Just sucks that if you’re playing the game again with the unlocked harder modes, you want nothing more than to skip the cut scenes, but can’t.