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Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Exclusive Preview

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Exclusive Preview

Those of you who have been to the newsagents recently or our online shop will have noticed the super shiny Deus Ex: Human Revolution cover! Except you won’t have noticed it because it’s in a bag. And if you bought the issue online, you won’t get to see the shiny metallic effect and gloss applied to the cover. Oh.

Still, that’s not the point. The point is the issue contains a super-world-exclusive-megaton-wow-holy-shit-am-I-allowed-to-swear-on-this-blog preview of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Our very own Ian Dransfield played further and longer than anyone else on the PlayStation3 version of Square-Enix’s ambitious shooter and while we can’t reveal EVERYTHING here, obviously, here are a few juicy moments covered in the 8-page preview:

Resolving situations your way. Sounds like a Burger King slogan gone bad but it’s the entire MO of the series and it’s no different here, as we describe a situation that sees you talking down the leader of a hostile faction and saving their hostage, letting the leader go on the promise that he’ll help you find out what’s going on before the SWAT team tells you off for doing so. Whoops.

Available augmentations. Listing them all would be bad because then you won’t want to buy the magazine but what we can say is you can upgrade your lungs to sprint for longer, strengthen your legs to survive huge falls and… others. It’s all in the preview but basically, you can become a superhuman of sorts.

You get punished for dawdling. Specifically, taking your time during a hostage situation is… bad, resulting in them being killed. “This kind of punishment for not listening might not be anything new in gaming but it is something that hasn’t made itself known in mainstream gaming for quite a while, with so many games instead so focused on holding the player’s hand they would never dream of punishing them for dawdling. Massive plus point to Human Revolution goes right here.”

The AI is a concern. Though this concern is off-set by the fact that the code is still early, it remains… well, a concern. “The fact that the enemies were lining up in a single file to be shot didn’t really didn’t impress… having said that, it’s not like either of the previous Deus Ex titles have gone down in history as having the best AI (in fact, we’d go so far as to say it was ‘a bit shit’ on the original game). But we’re remaining positive on this factor, as the rest of the game impressed us so much.”

That’s it for now, with the rest of the mammoth preview tucked away inside issue 202 of Play magazine, available from all newsagents and Imagine e-Shop! And maybe some other places too. While you’re here, have a gander at Chris McMahon’s Killzone 3 review, also in the issue…

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