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David Jaffe’s Rant On Twisted Metal Delay

David Jaffe’s Rant On Twisted Metal Delay

To explain that headline further, which tries to simplify what the blog post is about but can’t really do so in as tight a space as a headline affords – Twisted Metal was delayed until early 2012, internet puts its conspiracy theory hat on and comes up with the ‘real’ reasons as to why it was delayed, now Twisted Metal Director David Jaffe has responded to what he’s been reading by opening fire via his Twitter account.

His response spans 12 tweets and isn’t easy to read in that format, so here’s the full thing below, edited slightly to flesh out the twitter grammar:

“Regarding the peeps thinking we delayed Twisted Metal to get away from mega games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Uncharted 3 and Battlefield 3, amazing how the world has conditioned them to be so cynical.

I get it. You don’t respond that way unless you’ve had experiences that bear out your world view but when you are the guy on the other end of it, as I am now, it’s amazing how little trust there is in the world when companies issue a statement.

It makes me question my own cynical views of politicians and wonder if I’ve been too black/white in how I think about this stuff. For what it’s worth, I would have no problem admitting moving Twisted Metal to early 2012 was only to better our chances at sales.

Why NOT admit that? Admitting we need more time than we promised doesn’t HELP us look good as developers, so why offer that up if it were not true? Admitting we wanted to better more strategically position our game makes us look like we are doing good business, so why not admit that?

What, you think we don’t know and are afraid to acknowledge Modern Warfare 3, Uncharted 3 and Battlefield 3 are staggeringly larger and more successfully franchises than Twisted Metal? It’s all so fucking win/lose with people. What have we been conditioned into?!?

It’s like the gamers and the industry folks have been so trained to only care about who wins and who gets their ass kicked, that there is no room to appreciate a game can do well enough to turn a profit and please many fans but doesn’t have to win awards like ‘most money made in a weekend by an entertainment product’.

Sure we all want that success but it’s not the only definition of financial, social, creative, or execution success. There ARE still some shades of gray…”

As usual from David Jaffe, it’s a refreshingly honest rant.  Does this change your stance on the Twisted Metal delay or even the game itself?

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  • Archminion

    I believe its a double play.

    David and SCEA know fans will be upset no matter what is given as an explanation.
    But Many people will have much more respect for a company that holds its hands up and says “hey, we need more time sorry” than the company that says “we just delayed because of the chocker hol season”.

    I’m sorry for being cynical.

    I know what David is saying here but I still believe fans/players can forgive and continue to respect a company/developer that holds its hands up than one that admits to corporate greed.

    Its just my take. I have no hard evidence.

    But it does make sense.