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David Jaffe Is Right, By The Way

David Jaffe Is Right, By The Way

The internet had one of its mild implosions recently as David Jaffe once again went and – sigh – had a bloody opinion on something. How dare he talk openly and candidly about his thoughts and feelings? The bastard. We want our games industry folk to be like Michael “THE SCRIPT IS GOD” Denny or that bloke from Capcom who literally told us to ask a question about Dead Rising before saying he wasn’t allowed to answer it.


Basically, Jaffe said this about Battlefield 3 and the hype it’s been getting. He’s since followed it up with this on VG247, where he’s been forced into some kind of apology, which is bullshit. The fact he feels he has to do it, not the apology.

But… I don’t know… can the internet shut up please? I mean, he’s right.

I’ve been caught up in the hype – I still am – as Battlefield 3 looks amazing. Everyone who’s seen it has come away with glowing praise, everyone who’s played it (which amounts to, I think, one person in the office) has said it’s brilliant. I can’t wait for it and I think it will shit all over Modern Warfare 3 from a great height. That’s just what I think.

But I’m also nowhere near stupid or blinkered enough to believe that tank demo was anything more than what Jaffe proclaimed it to be. Not the game, not the whole experience – but what we were shown. It was a 25-year-old play-style with modern looks and some bloody lovely smoke effects.

That argument can be levelled at just about every other game ever made, too, truth be told. When was the last time a major, AAA title introduced genuinely new play mechanics? Uncharted 2 was Tomb Raider again. Tomb Raider was Pitfall. Pitfall was whatever proto-game shit came before that. All sports games are the same as they’ve always been, only worse. All FPS games are Doom. Nothing ever really evolves that much.

But does that even matter? We still enjoy these games, even if they are all exactly the same thing forever, so if the tank section in Battlefield 3 is just Battlezone HD – does it matter at all? I’ll still enjoy it.

Oh, and he may be ceaseless in the amount he spouts, but generally speaking David Jaffe isn’t as full of shit like so many people seem determined to believe.

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  • Ian Dransfield

    Opinion piece in ‘being opinion piece’ shocker.