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Darksiders Offers Goodies For Pre-Orders

Darksiders Offers Goodies For Pre-Orders


As is the common vogue to boost those all important first week sales THQ is offering a whole bunch of pre-order incentives for Darksiders in order to get you that little bit more excited. You won’t get to see our review of Darksiders until the new year, but the outlook is positive. Anyway, here’s a rundown of what you could be walking away with from various UK retailers and websites.

  • Pre-orders at GAME get a code to unlock exclusive in-game scythe weapon  called ‘The Harvester’, which gives War a little more range in his attacks.
  • Get it from PLAY.com and you’ll get a unique unlock code for a War costume for your avatar on Xbox LIVE or Playstation®Home.
  • Pre-ordering at Amazon will get you a Ruin head mask for their Xbox LIVE avatar or Playstation®Home character.
  • Get you game from Gamestation and you will get an exclusive Darksiders comic book drawn by famous ex-Marvel artist and Vigil Games creative lead Joe Madureira.
  • Any pre-orders placed with HMV will receive an exclusive Your Last Centrefold calendar

Darksiders is released on January 8 and could well be worth a look.

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