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Dark Void Movie To Star Brad Pitt?

Dark Void Movie To Star Brad Pitt?


Capcom, Reliance BIG Entertainment and Plan B Entertainment have announced a deal to turn upcoming action title Dark Void into a major motion picture franchise. Plan B Entertainment is owned by movie star Brad Pitt and according to the press release revealing the deal, Pitt is a likely candidate to star in the potential film. Dark Void the game is expected to hit shelves January 22 in the UK.

“As a game, Dark Void was developed with a wide-screen mentality – a world full of adventure presented in cinematic scope and scale,” Germaine Gioia, senior vice president, licensing at Capcom Entertainment has said. “Plan B recognized the potential of our newest property and are as excited about bringing Dark Void to life in cinemas as Capcom is to bring the interactive experience to home theaters.” Dark Void follows the adventures of William Agustus Grey, who is transported to an alternate universe after crashing in the Bermuda Triangle. There he meets Nikola Tesla and must attempt to free the humans of this new world from The Watchers.

“We are delighted that our Creative Partnership with Plan B has led to this agreement to develop the Dark Void motion picture based on Dark Void along with Capcom and we look forward to future projects from them,” Reliance BIG Entertainment’s Chairman Amit Khanna added. Presumably we’ll be hearing plenty more about this deal and the Dark Void movie in the new year.

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