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Dante’s Inferno Anime Dated

Dante’s Inferno Anime Dated


An animated interpretation of upcoming EA and Visceral Games title Dante’s Inferno will be hitting store shelves February 8 2010 thanks to Film Roman in Association with Manga/Anchor Bay. This anime version of the story of Dante’s journey through the nine circles of Hell has been brought to life by some of the world’s leading directors in six separate chapters.

The teams behind such anime and animated favourites as Ghost in the Shell, Blood the Last Vampire, Tales of the Black Freighter, Ergo Proxy and Samurai Champloo have been involved in making Dante’s Inferno: the Animated Movie, which builds on the story of the game as well as referring to aspects of Dante’s Devine Comedy not dealt with by Visceral. This is the second time EA has teamed up with Film Roman to expand the universe of one of its titles after the criticially acclaimed Dead Space: Downfall.

Dante’s Inferno: The Animated Movie will follow shortly after the release of EA’s game on PS3 and Xbox 360. There’s more info to be found at www.dantesinferno.com.

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