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Dante’s Inferno Superbowl ad rejected by CBS

Dante’s Inferno Superbowl ad rejected by CBS


EA has been forced to alter an ad submitted to US TV network CBS for use during the broadcast of this year’s NFL Superbowl. The ad doesn’t feature any of the strong sex and violence you’ll find in the game, but it does end on the slogan “Go to Hell” and that’ what CBS objected to. EA has simply changed it to “Hell awaits”, which CBS is fine with.

The ad has actually already been running on various networks but the Superbowl, being the single most viewed broadcast in the US every year, is treated as a special case with CBS stating that it has specific “Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday”. Basically, there’s so much money flying around just a few minutes of air time that CBS is being ultra careful not to offend the wrong people.

Ads for a gay dating website featuring two men kissing and a domain hosting website about a fictional ex football player who launches his own lingerie brand have already been rejected. Meanwhile, after relaxing its own restrictions on advocacy ads (i.e. ads geared towards influencing social and/or political change, rather than selling a product), CBS has accepted the submission of an ad produced by a pro-life, ant-abortion group for broadcast during the Superbowl. We kinda hope that one goes back-to-back against the one for the game where you have to slaughter unbaptised babies.

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