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Cult Heroes: Freedom Fighters

Cult Heroes: Freedom Fighters


Format: PS2
Released: 2003
Reviewed: 107
Score: 92%

The Commies have invaded the US, many have been killed and it’s up to you and your merry band of insurg… ‘freedom fighters’ to repel the invading Ruskies and save the world as America always does. And there we have 2003’s Freedom Fighters, from the same studio that brought us Hitman 2 and Kane and Lynch. Wait a minute – that can’t be right, surely? But of course it is – we just forgot to mention that the game is filled with some biting (though clumsy) satire on US foreign policy and how the country as a whole sees itself on the world stage.

You complete a level by hoisting the Stars and Stripes above a building: Old Glory (and flags in general) defeats all. The USSR dropped the first nuke and became the biggest superpower in lieu of the Yanks, forcing their anti-capitalist will on the world and ‘liberating’ any country they thought were not up to scratch: well, you see where the parallels are coming from. Basically, Freedom Fighters showed us an attack on the US itself – both literally and figuratively – and we were richer for having played it. Those of us who actually bothered, that is.

Oh, there’s a game in there too and it’s very good. Simplicity is key, squads are commanded with ease and accuracy and it all comes to a satisfying climax. But it’s the story behind the game that proves to be the most interesting aspect. It wasn’t satire pushed to the limits of satire itself, but it was refreshing to see an aspect like that included in – of all things – a videogame. Obviously though, it tanked when it came to sales despite massive praise from numerous publications, so the likelihood of ever seeing a sequel is slim to none.

£3-5 will net you a copy, though it won’t help revive a sequel. You philistines.

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