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Crysis 3 is (probably) on the way. Is anyone excited?

Crysis 3 is (probably) on the way. Is anyone excited?


New-ish job listings point to Crysis 3 being in development.  If so, then ridiculous taglines aside (someone should tell EA that calling someone a ‘weapon’ is slang for ‘tool’) the main concern for any potential Crysis sequel is whether or not Crytek has sorted out the woeful AI that scuppered the last game. It’s hard to maintain the illusion of single-handedly fighting off an alien invasion when your foes are fooled by the concept of ‘doors’.

Shoddy AI wasn’t the only fault of the game – linear levels in a game that gives you very open-world mechanics to mess around with is another large one – but it was the terrible ‘intelligence’ of your opponents that grated.

The aforementioned fear of passing through doors aside, other classics include soldiers inspecting the corpses of fallen allies for you to headshot ad nauseum and the fact that the last level of the game can be bypassed with very little conflict, with your enemies too dumb to hunt you down.

And yet Crysis 2, probably on the back of its admittedly-lovely graphics, got a roaring reception in most of the press. We just hope that Crysis 3, whatever form it takes, will actually have a better game under all of the pretty tech it will inevitably boast.

Our wishlist: improved AI. Open-world levels like the first game. No bloody aliens (what is it with Crytek having a good idea and ruining it by adding aliens or mutants?)

If Crytek (or whoever’s developing it) can make that happen, then we’ll be excited.

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  • Tom Richards

    Yeah i hav to agree 100%. The A.I. in the first game saw you from a mile away and the A.I. in the second game was just retarded, but whenever i insult this game i keep just thinking “what about the graphics”. Although when it comes to graphics RAGE tops Crysis 2, but nothing more can be expected of a game engine needs a quad-core computer. Maybe Crytec should try this all new quad-core game engine that RAGE uses. The main thing that made me dislike Crysis and Crysis 2 is the aliens. I might of been able to look past the A.I. if there were no aliens but I’m still looking foward to Crysis 3 just out curiosity not die hard passion for the series.

  • Matt

    I have to admit, appart from the lack of navigating doorways XD I believe the ai to be a lot smarter than most mainstream games. I do realises the first had slightly more formidable ai BUT crysis 2 seems to have less “hiccups” in their actions, and personally I believe the aliens in the series to make it extremely exciting and add a story I find to be thrilling… Personally Ive beat crysis and warhead, and am currently half way through crysis 2 and I must saying I’m loving every minute 😀 .. Don’t even get me started on the amazing soundtrack 😉