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Corruption At FIFA (12) (The Game) (Not The Organisation)

Corruption At FIFA (12) (The Game) (Not The Organisation)

Shocking allegations of corruption and bribery in the world of FIFA 12 today reared their head, raising suspicions among gamers the world over that things might not be as fine, fun-filled and hunky dory as once thought.

The revelations came on the back of EA Sports’ announcement that one Manchester City Football Club would be on the receiving end of some ‘special treatment’. While officials were quick to deny any wrongdoing on the part of either EA or MCFC, fans raised the alarm.

Investigations by Play revealed that there was indeed cause for concern in this situation. As a result of ‘sponsorship’ ‘deals’ ‘conducted’ by ‘people’, players for City will have their entire heads scanned into the upcoming FIFA 12 in super-mega 360-vision*.

These allegations are sure to have serious repercussions on the world of football gamers, as those that are not fans of City – i.e. most people in the world, because City are shit – will be left with players that don’t look quite as good as the likes of Joleon Lescott, Gunnar Nielsen and Abdisalam Ibrahim.

And don’t get us started on Greg Cunningham.

This sort of blatant corruption is not the kind of thing we at Play are willing to stand for, and as such we will be launching a petition to equalise the playing field. The likes of Dale Tonge, Jiloan Hamad and Roald van Hout cannot, should not and will not be ignored by the fat cats at EA Sports. Manchester City must not have all the glory.

People power will surely topple this corruption.

*Not the console. The degree of rotation.

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  • frankie mantooth

    Makes a change, they normally bribe the reviewers and critics with their shit FIFA game. PES > FIFA

  • Ian Dransfield

    Please advise on how to receive said bribes. I could do with a new conservatory.