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Commando Dumped From Modern Warfare 3

Commando Dumped From Modern Warfare 3

It’s been confirmed by Infinity Ward – the Commando perk has been kicked out of Modern Warfare 3. The news was confirmed in a tweet by IW’s Robert Bowling and we could not be happier.

Commando was a perk that extended your melee range. That, in itself, seemed fairly harmless. Melee is a useful tool when up close in Modern Warfare, giving you a close, instant kill attack that often has a soft lock-on. It wasn’t seen all too often outside of catching players unawares and finding snipers.

In Modern Warfare 2, Commando effectively doubled your melee range while the Pro version allowed you to fall from any height without taking damage. Marathon allowed you to sprint forever, Lightweight increased your speed, Tac-Knife also extended your melee range (and didn’t hinder your run speed). The result? This.

Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer had a lot of nonsense – the 1887 Akimbo Shotguns, the Javelin glitch and so on. Those things were later patched by Infinity Ward. What was dumb about Commando was it was an intended part of the game. It had been created not by accident but by design.

It made multiplayer impossible to defend when players could charge through assault rifle fire – you know, charging through shooting in a first-person shooter – to stab. Stab. Stab. Stabstabstab. Stab.

It’s gone, and it had to be kicked out really. Just like Stopping Power/Juggernaut was removed when it became clear that they were the dominating perks, just like Frag x3 was removed to stop maps endlessly tinkling to the sounds of bouncing grenades, so Commando has been kicked to the curb.

Good riddance.

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  • I agrree Commando is slightly unfair but why don’t they just reduce the distance you can stab from rather than kicking it altogether? Surely a fine compromise. I remember when Black Ops first came out and trying to stab people. You had to actually be having sex with them before you could hit them. I might as well have bought them a drink first.