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Command & Conquer Goes Forth?

Command & Conquer Goes Forth?


Eagle eyed Tweeters spotted an interesting new update from EA_UK_PR yesterday as it announced that EA Los Angeles was working on Command & Conquer 4. It even linked to an official press release. The only problem being that there was no release in existence. It seems someone at EA UK got a little ahead of themselves.


There’s been rumours of C&C 4’s development for some time now after a survey was sent out by EA asking fans what sorts of things they would like to see in a future game. Red Alert 3 seems to have done some good business, largely on PC, but also on consoles. It’s all-star cast and tongue in cheek humour certainly helped, so we hope to see plenty more of that in any future title. We’ll keep you informed whenever it is that EA decides that it really is developing C&C 4.


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