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Codemasters announce Bodycount. BOOM!

Codemasters announce Bodycount. BOOM!


Codemasters have announced a new FPS from the creator of the really-rather-metal Black (you may remember it from the tail-end of the PS2’s life), this one entitled Bodycount. There’s definitely a lot of imagination with these titles. Still, Black was fantastic, so this news is worth reporting on and has us excited.

The new game is scheduled for a release in the first quarter of 2011 on PS3 and will include a single-player story of ‘the Network’ taking out ‘Targets’ (more fine imagination there), along with online multiplayer. The Codies are trying to bring something new to the table with fully-destructible cover (we know it’s not new per se, but it isn’t in every game yet so is still interesting) using the EGO engine and… in fact, this really is one of those where you just have to quote the PR, as it’s so ridiculously great:

“From the jaw-dropping devastation caused by firing into enemies or shredding the world around you in a hail of bullets, Bodycount will crystallise that moment of pulling the trigger into an exhilarating sensory overload of action.”

So there you have it. The initial announcement didn’t get us that pumped, but the more we think about this the more it could be something great. Black was, after all, utterly great, and the combination of Stuart Black’s involvement – director of the Criterion FPS – and the fact Bodycount is a brand new IP – so will have something to prove – means it could well surprise everyone who has initial doubts about the game. For now, all we have are a couple of screens and some wild press release promises – soon enough we’ll know if we have another great game on our hands.

Check out the Bodycount site for more details.


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