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Codemasters Already Working On DiRT 3

Codemasters Already Working On DiRT 3


After the fantastic critical reception and sales of Colin McRae: DiRT 2, Codemasters has revealed it is already working on a follow-up. This news comes out of GDC in San Francisco where Codemasters vice president Gavin Cheshire admitted that Codemasters could do with flying the flag for Britain a little more vigorously, especially since it is the last of the big publishers based in the UK, but that it couldn’t be defined by its nationality.

“I guess in today’s world, every day you’re dealing with people from all over the world,” Cheshire explained. “So it’s a British company and the last bastion of British publishing, and there is some pride in that, but it doesn’t take control of your life… It’s about the culture we’ve created and making the best games you can. Dirt 2: brilliant game but it’s all American accents, so maybe we’re a little over the top with those. Maybe we should fly the flag a bit more.”

But most importantly Cheshire let slip that DiRT 3 was in production as innovation continues to drive its studios. “Really, it’s all about letting the teams just innovate,” he stated. “There’s some great stuff coming from Birmingham that’s going into Dirt 3, and obviously you’ve seen Bodycount.”

Via VG247

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