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Christmas PSN Deals

Christmas PSN Deals

So apologies for sounding like a Ubisoft marketing shill, if you follow Play on Twitter and Facebook. But I’m going to sound like a Ubisoft marketing shill again, because I’m not really that sorry and definitely not as sorry as you’ll be if you don’t buy Beyond Good & Evil HD for half-price (and I mean that in a missing-out-on-a-good-game way, not an imminent-threat-of-violence way).

Ubisoft is celebrating its 25th anniversary with PSN discounts. We’ve put that link there because there are far, far too many to list here. The highlights?

Driver (PSOne)40% Off

Not Driver: San Francisco, which still costs £800 or 5,000 moon rocks or whatever Ubisoft is charging for it, but the original in the series. It’s perfect for quick blasts because 1) the handling is really good and stood the test of time 2) it doesn’t bother you with endless gimmicks 3) it’s now fairly cheap. Interesting fact: Driver was published by Atari back in the day! Wait, that wasn’t interesting.

From Dust (PSN)33% Off

It’s a God game, where you save tribes by pinching and tweaking the land so natural disasters don’t kill them. There are lots of reasons for buying From Dust – it’s a game that’s about preventing violence rather than causing it, it’s strategic without being fussy and it’s got some brilliant visual touches that make you make strange noises. But most of all, IT’S GOT A VOLCANO IN IT. So we’d say buy it even it its price had gone up 33%.

Beyond Good & Evil (PSN)50% Off

Really, we should have to tell you about this game again. Here’s the quick version – it’s Zelda, without waggle, on a non-Nintendo console. Job done.

Splinter Cell Trilogy HD (PS3)40% off

The title is a lie, because no-one in their right mind besides the bored and people who don’t believe what we say would play Pandora Tomorrow. Still, you’re getting almost half-price for Splinter Cell Duology, which includes the hard-as-nails Splinter Cell and the slicker Chaos Theory, with the brilliant Amon Tobin soundtrack. Don’t say “who?”, just get it. Loses marks for the choppy frame-rate and lack of multiplayer but then it’s just lost 40% in price too. POW.

Also keep an eye on Sony’s official blog tomorrow, when the 12 Deals Of Christmas kicks in. No idea what the deals will be on but we’re promised a variety of them, so this is the bit where we’d wave our hands and say “there’s something for everyone!” if we didn’t have a pathological hatred of the phrase “there’s something for everyone.”

(We’re still waving our hands though.)

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