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Cheap games are future of PSP

Cheap games are future of PSP


With the release of the PSPgo this October, Sony is making drastic changes to the way it gets developers to make games forits handheld console, as well as making it easier to cut cost so that games should be much cheaper for consumers. It was announced at E3 that Sony was cutting the price of dev kits for PSP by as much as 80 per cent in a bid to attract more developers to the system. It had been suggested for some time that the cost of the development kits for PSP were the main reason why so few companies supported the platform, particularly indie devs.


In addition to these cheaper points of entry for companies to make games on the platform, Sony has also committed itself to streamlining the process of approval, cutting the time between a game being finished and released and reducing Quality Assurance time. The net result of this is hoped to be cheaper games for all of us – although at what cost? While we certainly welcome the idea of cheap, downloadable PSP games, we can’t really get on board with the idea of games being released without being rigorously tested. Hopefully a balance between speed and prudence will be found that gives us good quality titles for less money.

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