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Capitalism, Ho!

Capitalism, Ho!

We hear it over and over, quoted from interviews about whatever new game is coming out, whatever new series is being toyed with, whatever add-on DLC is coming to our intertubepipeworks.


And it sickens me. It does. I understand these are businesses, they exist to make money and it makes sense for them to want to make money in whatever way they can. And as much of it as they can. But do I want it to be talked about it in an interview? Do I want to read a preview of a game that reads like an economic outlook for the company as a whole? No.

I can live in blissful ignorance that the world of gaming is a horrible, soulless mass of churned-out, me-too crap. I can ignore the fact creativity and a sense of fun is abandoned in favour of making Red Faction: Armageddon. Well, just about. I can simply not play Manshooter 9: This Time More Men Get Shot, the game aimed squarely at the ‘yoof’ market (though said to be “mature” and “evocative”).

But when I’m reading mainstream news aimed at consumers – you and I, the buying public – talking about how companies are going to squeeze more pennies out of us? I just don’t want it.

The whole online pass thing, beautifully torn apart by Ryan here is another – admittedly far worse – part of this whole story. But I reckon that came about as a result of someone uttering a certain word in a meeting at some point: “monetization”.

But yeah, I’m just a hippy having a bit of a moan on a Saturday. I’m an idealist who would like things to be made for the passion and the need to be creative. I know this is nonsense, I know the world revolves around the ability to make money (and I know there’s a crapton of great indie stuff out there done for the love more than the money, as well as some major publisher efforts), but yeah – every time I read that word it hits my childlike enthusiasm right where it hurts.

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